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Development of a measuring instrument that detects dangerous contaminants in the water

Funding Scheme: 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.
Project Duration: 01.01.14 – 31.12.19
Project Manager: Björn Bastian Suckow
Homepage: http://enviguard.net

EnviGuard is a response to the growing need for accurate real time monitoring of the seas/ocean and the aquaculture industries need for a reliable and cost-effective risk management tool. The implementation of the EnviGuard system will allow for early detection of harmful algae blooms (HAB), chemical contaminants, viruses and toxins thus preventing economic losses.

The modular EnviGuard system will be made up of three different sensor modules (microalgae / pathogens, i.e. viruses & bacteria / toxins & chemicals), that are connected to the common interface ‘EnviGuard Port’ which collects and sends the information to a server. The data will be accessible through a website in real-time. The modularity of the system enables an individual setup for each purpose thus offering a tailor-made solution for each future client.

Video: Revolutionary System Monitors Water Pollution



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