Development and implementation of an innovative sourdough fermentation process to control precisely the redox potential by using a newly devised gadget for the addition of oxygen

Funding: AIF-ZIM/ KF (Programme of the BMWi)
Project Duration: 01.10.2009 – 30.11.2011
Project Manager: Linda Ringer
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Sourdough is very popular among customers and baking industry. Varying this well-known additive can be achieved by enriching it with oxygen. Since the knowledge on the technological adjustment for this innovative process is rarely spread yet, operators do not tap the full potential yet. Related industrial sectors such as yeast fabrication, brewery and wine production already benefit from controlled insertion of oxygen to the process of fermentation. The controlled enrichment of sour dough with oxygen will generate a positive impact on the metabolism of microorganisms involved in the process. By this means, a quality and taste optimization of sour bread can be achieved. How oxygen effects the oxidation-reduction potential will be scrutinized, as well as its function for the whole process. Organic-chemical, microbiological and physical procedures will be defined and further developed (sour dough treatment, sour dough products).

The enrichments of sour dough with oxygen and the regulation of the fermentation process require a redesign of the gadget. Existing construction show weaknesses concerning the control engineering and the stirrer´s geometry when in the process of enriching sour dough. In order to enhance the content of oxygen, which is an essential component for this technique, a gadget will be used. The main objective of the project Oxiferm is the development and market establishment of an integral system solution for an oxygen-supported sour dough fermentation. ttz Bremerhaven joins forces with four industrial partners to reach this aim.