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Efficient and Gentle Sterilisation of Dried Food Products and Cosmetic Ingredients

Funding: EUREKA
Project Duration: 01.10.2005 - 30.09.2007
Project Manager: Claudia Krines
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The envisaged project deals with further optimization of the SteamLab process to facilitate enhanced preservation of product properties whilst maintaining pasteurization effect for different products and product groups. Experimental research shall identify the correlations and interdependices between inactivation of microorganisms on the product surface, i.e. bacteria, mould and spores and defined preservation of valuable product properies, i.e. volatile oils, flavour and moisture. The results will serve for an updated process control system with even higher user-friendliness. The research activites including practical tests are conducted in Bremerhaven at the technical school of ttz by using an original SteamLab pasteurization chamber type SL 400 (400 l net volume).