Novel climatic chamber with an innovative, energy-saving Nano-Aerosol Humidification System

Funding: Research for SMEs, 7th EU Framework Programme
Project Duration: 01.03.2009 - 27.02.2012
Project Manager: Jörg Schulz

The baking industry with its diverse and high quality pastries, ranging from bread, biscuits, croissants and cakes to raw and pre-baked fresh or frozen dough has been developed from a manual bakery to a branch which is affected by industrial production processes.

The use of freezing technology enables a worldwide distribution which results in a constant increase in a potential global market for the baking industry. At the same time, the demand for energy for ovens and freezers increased as well due to the use of extensive technologies. As prices rise for energy, the cost of production also increase which results in turn in higher prices for pastries. In addition, numerous additives are used which influences the conservation of baking products and their durability.

Therefore, the aim of the NanoBAK project is to implement an efficient energy management within the baking industry. The innovative MicroTec technology, on which the project NanoBAK focuses, aims at producing high-quality and long-lasting pastries. Thereby, the realization of a constant humidity distribution in the pastries with the simultaneous significant reduction of energy plays an important role. The main target of the European project group consisting of seven research and industrial partners is the development and evaluation of an innovative and marketable climate chamber which possess a special Nano-Aerosol humidification system. This Aerosol based chamber shall support the baking industry on its way to an energy efficient and sustainable production system.

Recently conducted laboratory experiments prove that the innovative MicroTec humidity technology needs significantly less energy than traditional humidification systems. The innovative ultrasound technology reduces the energy demand by 30 per cent compared to conventional methods and prevents at the same time the loss of weight during refrigeration and the peeling of the crust. Additionally, the constant distribution of humidity increases the durability of the pastries considerably which results in economical and ecological advantages for the baking industry and in a significant improvement of the product quality which in turn influences the market position in a highly competitive area.

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