Novel Flow Focusing technology to produce microencapsulated probiotic bacteria for the food sector

Project Duration: 01.10.2004 - 31.10.2006
Project Manager: Andreas Borngräber
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FLOCAP primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of current probiotic food products through the development of microcapsules to preserve the functional bacteria added to those food systems. Bacteria will be protected from the manufacturing process, the storage conditions and even from the adverse environment of the stomach by an adequate polymer coating which will allow them to reach consumers intestine with the necessary viability levels for delivering the intended beneficial effects.

The FLOCAP partners will develop a device for the microencapsulation of bacteria based on the innovative Flow Focusing technology which works at very gentle conditions and can ensure high bacteria survival rates. This system, and in particular the special nozzle to be designed for this application, will represent a major breakthrough for the probiotic food sector.