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ttz Bremerhaven supports “German Bread Day”

Bremerhaven, May 2015. On the 5th of May 2015, the Central Association of the German Bakery Trade and the Bakers’ Guild are celebrating the third “German Bread Day”. The focus this year is on “Regionality and Diversity”. ttz Bremerhaven welcomes the campaign and is actively promoting bread culture in Germany and the whole of Europe through its Department of Bioprocess Engineering and Food Technology (BILB).

Strengthening the bakery trade as a craft and preserving traditional know-how is an important stimulus for ttz Bremerhaven. Under the motto “Physics in, chemistry out”, ttz’s researchers are helping bakers and their suppliers to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through product quality and natural manufacturing methods. In addition, ttz is coming to the assistance of small and medium-sized enterprises through acquisition of national and European research funding with which they can introduce their innovations into the market.

Innovation is flourishing in the bakery trade like never before because customers’ preferences are becoming more and more varied. Trends such as “organic”, “regional” and “allergy-free” (e.g. gluten-free) or the rediscovery of old types of grain such as spelt, wild emmer and einkorn wheat are a real challenge for bakers. Raw materials have to be specified and processes rethought.

The bakers, but also equipment manufacturers, suppliers and other players in the bakery trade, are working closely together with ttz Bremerhaven in order to produce process engineering answers to market challenges. State-of-the-art equipment and laboratories are available as well as baking expertise accumulated over more than 25 years. With regard to technology, ttz Bremerhaven is particularly active in the areas of oven technology, climate control technologies, dough processing, vacuum cooling and bread sensorics. A further and new priority is the optimization of energy efficiency in bakeries and stores.

ttz Bremerhaven’s sensory laboratory has developed a grading system for wheat rolls especially for use in bakeries, which serves as a tool for sensory quality assurance. With this instrument, consumers’ sense of taste and their product expectations can be determined. The process also provides first pointers to how products can be optimized. A combination of sensory and technological quality criteria should help bakers to take better advantage of trends.


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aleuron backerei 034

ttz Bremerhaven supports “German Bread Day”.
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ttz Bremerhaven supports “German Bread Day”.

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