Sensory Evaluation at ttz Bremerhaven

Consumer studies

Consumers selected according to specific target groups assess -under standardized conditions - the sensorial characteristics of food or cosmetic, the design of the packaging or the concept innovation.

By the acceptance and the preference test we value the popularity of your products and give instructions for optimization. In addition, we offer individual and group interviews regarding the product concept, design and the functionality of your products.

Consumer questionnaires by our App Y`amee

In addition to the consumer studies in the sensory laboratory we offer home-use-test by our App Y`amee to assume the acceptance in familiar home environment and at any time. The App generates directly consumer feedback concerning food, cosmetic and other consumer goods as well services and is also applicable at trade fairs or in the gastronomy.

Sensory product tests

By means of descriptive tests and differentiation tests specially trained expert panels elaborate the most important product properties for you to form standards or to determine the sensory shelf life.

Preference mapping

By linking the data from the consumer sensory and the product profiling, we enable to answer the question which product the consumer prefers on the basis of which sensorial properties.

SensEvent – sensorial training

For new competences in you company: from preparation, specialization and determination of sensory abilities of your employees up to the creation of a panel. At the taste training sessions of ttz Bremerhaven the change of mind begins in your company.


In national as well in international projects we collect the latest knowledge and combine interdisciplinary our services with other fields such as medicine, bioinformatics or agriculture. The main focuses of our research work are themes such as organic products, nutrition of specific target groups (seniors, athletes and children) and the application of new evaluation technologies. Additionally, we identify and quantify the active sensorial substances by means of coupled gas and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) together with high-performance chromatography (HPLC) in your products.

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