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Our food expertise in detail:

The Bioprocess Engineering and Food Technology Department at ttz Bremerhaven develops and optimizes processes and recipes for the manufacture of food and cosmetics. ttz Bremerhaven unites for you important know-how with sophisticated analysis and process technology for biological raw materials.

Processes to ensure food quality are continuously improved so that consumption is completely safe. This includes, for example, the development of new types of packaging solutions and intelligent labels. Systematic process modifications make production and processing more efficient in terms of energy and resources. Bioactive compounds are recovered through the value added use of by-products.

Bioprocess Engineering and Food Technology at ttz Bremerhaven

At the ttz's BILB/EIBT institute (Bremerhaven Institute for Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering / European Institute of Baking Technology), baking processes and products are optimized so that energy is saved in manufacture and processing, and aroma and quality improved. These processes are often also transferable to other product groups. For example the Microtec process, which uses a fine aerosol mist for moisturization, can also be used for vegetables and meat.

The use of traditional and ancient types of grain broadens the consumer's familiar taste palette and gives followers of organic food new alternatives too. By means of innovative technological methods for kneading, raw material, chilling and baking agents, the efficiency of baking processes is improved. Training and know-how transfer helps bakers worldwide to be equipped for growing competition.

Bakery and Cereal Technology at ttz Bremerhaven

The Sensory Evaluation Laboratory at ttz Bremerhaven determines products' sensory acceptance by means of consumer tests. In this way, the financial risk of introducing a new product into the market is reduced. In addition, the assertions made by sensorially trained testers (panellists) provide enterprises with important clues for product development, quality assurance and marketing. Their recommendations help food manufacturers to assess realistically the comparison with competitive products and to occupy market niches systematically.

The correlation of sensory and analytical data makes it possible to objectify to a large extent the individual sensory impressions of the testers. Our service offer also includes the professional sensory training of clients' personnel. Skills in sensory methods and evaluation processes widen a company's expertise and create the basis for in-house quality management.

Sensory Evaluation at ttz Bremerhaven

The Molecular Genetics Division (Bremerhaven Institute for Biological Information Systems (BIBIS)) develops methods, amongst others for the food sector, for the rapid and reliable detection of viruses, human-pathogenic germs and other contaminants and pathogens. These processes are used in medical diagnostics, wastewater treatment and the food industry. In addition, scientists can detect, by means of variations, changes in genetic material and clearly identify which species is involved.

Using the PCR method (Polymerase Chain Reaction), tests can be carried out, for example, which make it possible to draw conclusions about the state of freshness of a product from the propagation of a bacterial strain. This forms the basis for reliable quality control.

State-of-the-art analytical equipment and processes for the investigation of gases, liquids and solids are in use at ttz Bremerhaven. Raw materials for the manufacture of food or cosmetics are characterized and qualitatively assessed. Nutritional values, additives, trace elements, amino acid and sugar spectra can be reliably detected and quantified.

Solubility, foam formation, anti-oxidative effect – techno-functional analyses make it possible to forecast the behaviour of an ingredient during or after processing. Storage and shelf-life tests allow precise predictions to be made and also raise consumer safety.

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