Short-Rotation-Coppice (SRC) Network Germany

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Funding: BMWI - ZIM-Nemo
Project Duration: 01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012
Project Manager: Alexander Schank
Homepage: kup-netzwerk.info
kup-netzwerk logoThe bio-energy markets for electricity, heat and fuel have performed a dynamic development over the last few years. In order to experience further market growth all existing and new biomass potentials have to be used for the expansion of the fuel markets. Thereby, a focus lies on short-rotation-coppice (SRC). Such a plantation can be described as a cultivation of fast-growing trees (such as poplars, willows or robinia) with the aim of producing wood as a renewable fuel resource within short rotation periods (i.e. for energy-woodchips).

Since several years, the planting of fast-growing tree species for the material use has already been pursed successfully in numerous European countries. Nevertheless, the development of SRCs in Germany is stagnating since decades. Only because of increasing prices for fossil sources of energy and of ever-rising demand for wood for energetic utilization the situation changed. However, there are still only a few areas of demonstration where SRC are cultivated and explored (approx. 1.200 ha in total). But the potential for SRC is estimated on 500.000 to 1.000.000 ha.

In general, agriculture and forestry as well as the bio-energy industry are interested in SRC. However, after the initial meeting between suitable partners, land owners and investors a lack of sustainable and professional support can be observed regularly.

Because of the support program which has been initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology it is now possible to connect small and medium-sized enterprises with suitable market and research institutions within an assisted network. Thereby, a sustainable and complementary network can be established enabling a dynamic expansion of the idea for SRC and appropriate projects.

In 2010, ttz Bremerhaven will initiate and launch a national network for market players in SRC. Main aim of the network is the project-orientated alignment and the detailed information of appropriate protagonists in order to generate concrete requests and new projects in the field of sustainable wood and energy production. Following in new plantations not only economy, but also ecology and social aspects will be considered.

The current network of 20 companies, associations and research institutions contains of the whole integrated value-chain of the SRC. The planned network activities focus on project development for new SRC, general market development, qualification of employee and political decision makers and thus contribute significantly to cost reductions and increase the individual competitiveness.

see partner logoThe network has already been rewarded by the European Commission as an official partner of the "Sustainable Energy Europe" campaign and nominated for the award "Sustainable Demonstration Projects".

For more information please visit www.sustenergy.org.


During the "Sustainable Energy Week" ttz Bremerhaven organized a workshop concerning bioenergy from short-rotation coppice at the University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen on 23rd March 2010. Please find the presentations of the project partners below (available only in German):

Further, a press release regarding the topic "Cost-efficient and sustainable bioenergy through Short-Rotation-Coppice" is available.

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