Awarding of the III. Zukunftspreis Future Food Concepts

ZF 3 Preis


ttz Bremerhaven, Martin Braun-Gruppe, The Lifesights Company


17th June 2015


V. Future Forum Food Industry, Backing forum of the Martin Braun-Group, Tillystraße 17 - 21, 30459 Hannover

On the 17th June 2015 and within the scope of the V. Future Forum Food Industry the ttz Bremerhaven, the Martin Braun-Group and the Lifesights Company, will award the III. Zukunftspreis "Future Food Concepts" for innovative products and product concepts, technologies, creative packaging solutions or analysis and logistical methods. The 3000€ valued Prize guarantees an open competition, so that that every topic and every participant is welcome.

Every creative thinker of the food sector can apply for a presentation of his ideas and creativity!

This you should note before your registration:

  • Your idea should not have a patent, own property rights or should not have been published or merchandised before the 1st April 2013.
  • There should be only one innovation/idea presentation per participant.
  • The documents for the registration should be formal correct and your application must pass in until the 30th April 2015.

participation and registration:

There are no restrictions. You can participate as individual, company or research facility. A written registration is necessary.
A registration for the competition is without obligation for the participants.

The documents for the registration should be formal correct and your application must pass in until the 30th of April 2015:

  • by post: ttz Bremerhaven - BILB, Zukunftspreis, Am Lunedeich 12, 27572 Bremerhaven
  • by mail :, Format: Word, PDF, etc.,  max. 10 MB
  • face-to-face: ttz Bremerhaven keyword Zukunftspreis 2015

documents you need for registration:

conditions of participation Zukunftspreis 2015

participation statement

main questions Zukunftspreis „Future Food Concepts“


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