Less for more - Novel processing technologies for a changing society



The HighTech Europe Network of Excellence


11th October 2011


University of Applied Science Osnabrück
Oldenburger Landstraße 24
49090 Osnabrück

Workshop by HighTech Europe at iFOO D2011 in Osnabrück, Germany, 11 October 2011

A sustainable food and feed production in Europe and worldwide is one of the big challenges of the present time. In this regard sustainable means

  • An ecologically sound use of natural resources
  • A food production that satisfies the needs of society and consumer
    (natural, tasty and healthy food)
  • A competitive framework for companies of the agro-food chain.

Research, development and innovation are the driving forces for a sustainable agriculture, forestry and food industry. This idea is expressed by the term knowledge-based bio-economy (KBBE). And food is the most important product of the KBBE in Europe. The European food industry generates with 965 billion € nearly half of the annual turnover of all industries which are pooled in the KBBE area.

The workshop takes up the aspects of a sustainable food production and illustrates scientific approaches and examples of novel technologies to meet the requirements of society and consumer to produce healthy food of high quality.



Registration and welcome coffee



Volker Heinz, DIL – German Institute of Food Technologies
and coordinator of HighTech Europe, Germany


Importance of agro-food chain for our bio-based economy

Peter Pascher, German Farmers’ Association, Germany


The protein puzzle – the European consumption pattern

Trudy Rood, Environmental Assessment Agency, The Netherlands


Global food waste - extent, causes and prevention

Jenny Gustavsson, SIK - Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, Sweden


Sustainable feed solutions: Crucial to feed the future

Katrien Deschepper, Nutrition Sciences – Vitamex, Belgium


Coffee break


Bacteria, viruses, residue – Safe water for industry and consumer:research approaches

Luuk Rietveld, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


Clean labelling - Preserve healthy in food by novel processing technologies

Pierre Picouet, IRTA – Institute of Agro-Food Research


Panel discussion
All speakers


End of event and get together


Registration & Cost

The HighTech Europe workshop is free of charge.

iFOOD2011 participants: Participants of the iFOOD2011 conference are cordially invited to
participate in the HighTech Europe workshop and can register via www.ifoodconference.com.

non-participants of iFOOD2011: If you only want to participate in the HighTech Europe
workshop send an e-mail to ifood2011@hightecheurope.eu to register.


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