Cost-efficient and sustainable bioenergy through Short-Rotation Coppice

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Against the background of the EU's Sustainable Energy Week, ttz Bremerhaven gave an insight into its recent research results in the area of short-rotation coppice (SRC) for the trade press and other experts. In this context, ttz has been nominated for the European Union’s award for “Sustainable Regional Demonstration Projects”.

Bremerhaven/Germany, March 2010. Short-rotation coppices are cultivated areas of land with fast-growing trees which are able to supply wood as a renewable resource on a short-term basis. Within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Week initiated by the European Union to raise awareness about sustainable issues, the SRC Network project – coordinated by ttz Bremerhaven - invited journalists to participate in the workshop on “Generation of bioenergy by short-rotation coppice” at the University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen, Germany. On 23rd March, professionals from a number of research centres presented their recent findings on the economic, ecological, and social sustainability of short-rotation plantations and their compatibility with nature conservation, and discussed the associated problems and potential of so-called SRCs.

The event aimed to launch a dialogue between scientists and journalists by initiating a discussion on SRC-related and sustainable issues, so that both parties were able to exchange opinions and benefit from each other's experience.

Since January 2010, ttz Bremerhaven has been supporting the establishment of a nation-wide network for the efficient generation of renewable energy obtained from wood from SRCs in order to promote its benefits and encourage the implementation of SRC concepts in the bioenergy sector. The network comprises the whole value chain of short-rotation plantations, as well as associations and research institutions. The aim is to support the development of this new area of innovation by encouraging co-operation amongst qualified stakeholders, generating business for the network partners, and reinforcing the transfer of knowledge from centres of expertise to the marketplace.

The market for bioenergy in the areas of electricity, heat, and fuel has seen a lively development during the last years. In order to expand the market, exploiting the biomass' full potential and finding new ways to expand the fuel source are needed. The concept of short-rotation coppice is amongst the most promising opportunities in this context. The workshop succeeded in providing a platform for exchanging ideas and gaining new knowledge for both journalists and scientists.


More information about Short-Rotation-Coppice can also be retrieved from the detailed project description (in German).


There are also other press releases about Short-Rotation-Coppices available concerning "KUP-Marktplattform online", and "Nationles Netzwerk für Energieholzplantagen".

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